Mild to Moderate Brain Injury
Considerations for Long Term Care

August 24, 2011

Mild to Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury:  Considerations for Long Term Care.

This talk:

    1. Explains Traumatic Brain Injury

    2. Outlines the potential cognitive and emotional impairments that can accompany this condition

    3. Discusses emerging concerns associated long-term morbidity and risk for Long Term Care Products

Guest Speakers:
Dr. David Lovejoy - Medical Director, MassMutual Financial Group

Dr. Lovejoy is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and serves as the Director of Behavioral Health at MassMutual Financial Group.  As Director of Behavioral Health, he oversees activities related to the behavioral health aspects of underwriting for the Disability and LTC products at MassMutual. 

Dr. Lovejoy is also in part-time clinical practice.  He serves within the departments of neurosurgery, emergency medicine and psychiatry at Hartford Hospital and the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.  His hospital responsibilities include serving on the awake brain surgery team, consulting to the hospital’s neurovascular program, directing a brain injury clinic and teaching.    

Dr. Lovejoy’s research and clinical interests include areas such as Traumatic Brain Injury and concussion, Adult ADHD, Learning Disabilities and criminal forensic neuropsychological assessment.