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2018 Conference Presentations
(Note: The conference presentations are available as PDFs and are password protected. Please contact us at for authorization to view.

Underwriting Approach to Abnormal Lab Tests - Dr. Stephen Holland, MD, LTCG PDF

Doctor's and Audience Challenge - Dr. Wayne F. Heidenreich, MD, Northwestern Mutual, Dr. Stephen Holland, MD, LTCG - PDF

Laboratory Trends - Betsy Sears, Exam One - PDF

Sorting and Reporting - Issues to Consider When Reporting Fraud to State Insurance Departments of Insurance - Jeff Ferrand, Fuzion Analytics, Michael Rafalko and Cozen O'Connor, Long-Term Care Insurance Practice - PDF

Leveraging Predictive Modeling - Daryl Lepak, Ernst & Young, Jeff Ferand, Fuzion Analytics - PDF

LTCi Marketplace Overview - Brian Ulery, LTCG - PDF

Underwriting and Claims: A Synergistic Relationship - Theresa Anderson, Dr. Jeffrey C. Davids - PDF

2017 Conference Presentations

Reefer Madness and the Red Menace in the 21st Century - Dr. Stephen Holland, MD, LTCG PDF

Social Media and Open Source Investigations - Bob Maryanski, CoventBridge- PDF

Mind or Mania - Differentiating Dementia from Pychiatric Illness - Dr. David Rengachary, MD RGA - PDF

Cyber Landscape 2017 - Current State of the Risk - Steve Serfass, Drinker Biddle & Realth, LLP- PDF

Doctor's and Audience Challenge - Dr. Wayne F. Heidenreich, MD, Northwestern Mutual, Dr. Stephen Holland, MD, LTCG, Dr. David Regachary, MD, RGA - PDF

Class Actions, Care Plans and Claims - A Comprehensive Look at the Year in LTCi Litigation - Nolan Tully, Drinker Biddle & Realth, LLP - PDF

Neuropathies - A Mind Numbing Challenge for Underwriting and Administering Claims - Dr. Wayne F. Heidenreich, MD and Sheri Jones, Northwestern Mutual - PDF

Reflections on Traditional LTCI and the Promising Future of Tomorrow - Brian Ulery and Caroline Lester Martin, LTCG - PDF

2016 Conference Presentations

Fool Me Once: A Look at Underwriting Fraud from Your Peers in the Trenches - Sheri Jones, Northwestern Long Term Care and Michael D. Rafalko, Drinker Biddle & Reath - PDF

Ruminating on Rheumatology - Marjorie Keymer, MD, Genworth - PDF

Semantics and Pragmatics: Why Words Matter When it Comes to Undefined Terms Part II - Patrick Reeder, Genworth and Stephen Serfass, Drinker Biddle & Reath - PDF

Should We Do Surveillance? Why? When? How? - Coventbridge - PDF

Contemporary Underwriting of Neurodegenerative Disease - Dave Rengachary, MD, VP & Medical Director, RGS - PDF

The Doctor's Challenge - Wayne F. Heidenreich, MD, Medical Director, Northwestern Mutual - PDF

LTCi Litigation in 2015 - a Look Back (and Ahead) - Patrick L. Carmondy, Esquire, Former SVP and General Counsel, SHIP/Fuzion and Sandra K. Jones, Esquire, Drinker Biddle & Realth, LLP - PDF

When Leaky Valves are ata the Heart of the Problem - Kace Kaiser, RSS CV Consultant, NM, Sheri Jones, AD NLTC Underwriting, and Amy Vanselow, AD NLTC Claims, Northwestern Mutual - PDF