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About Us


The LTCIF and You

The long term care insurance industry is both growing and changing rapidly. Sharing ideas, learning what works . . . and perhaps what doesn't, is key to the industry' health and future. Quite simply the LTCIF provides a unique intimate "Forum" to allow the industry's underwriters, claims, and administrators share in education, best practices, personal development, and growth.

Forum programs are not just directed at the senior vice presidents levels - though we have our share. Our programs are structured around participant involvement, and topics most shops are facing in their day to day operations. In short, the LTCIF Forum is that perfect mix for those "up & comers" within your organization, to your frontline operations people, right up to the vice president levels. Conference costs are low, site selections while elegant are reasonably priced so everyone can participate!

Interested? Join us!

We invite you to come and grow with us! Become part of a great industry resource, a network of your peers. Join us and become part of the LTC industry's future! Send us an email to get the ball rolling.

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